Friday, June 24, 2011

Malaysian Fun Facts

tengah berjalan-jalan dekat Google..
terjumpa lak dengan Malaysian Insider dengan
tajuk dia Malaysian Fun Facts

so, here the 10 fun facts about Malaysia..

10. The word “Malay” comes from the other word “malaise.” Apparently it’s because the Malays are so lazy and mediocre, so the white folks named them that.
9. The word “keling” comes from the noises made by the balls-and-chains of Indian prisoners who were sent to Malaya way back then. Or was it because the Indians used to sell ice-cream in the estates?
8. Chinese associations in Malaysia are actually secret societies that are plotting to take over the Malaysian government and then merge it with Singapore’s.
7. Eating pork makes you good at mathematics. That’s why there are so many Chinese accountants.
6. Indian children are full of lice... so stay away from them.
5. Chinese people like to drive Toyota Camrys.
4. Malay people like to drive Honda Accords.
3. Indian people like to drive purple Proton Sagas or Iswaras.
2. Beware of Chinese ladies who drive with elbow-length gloves. They are trained to run you down. They usually drive Toyota Camrys.
1. Tapai is halal.


amir aizat said...

tapai is halal, apa yg fun nyer? haha

sabella mohamad said...

" malays are so lazy "

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