Sunday, June 26, 2011

Merepek Di Pagi Buta


hello people..
and good morning..hehehe..
I'm not sleep yet..
feel boring at home, got nothing to do..
all I do was surfing internet..
facebooking, blogging, twitting, formspring-ing?...hahaha..
ohh, almost forget(or should I say forgot?) Youtube..yeahh!!
feel boring start at 11.30p.m..
don't have any friends on-line on Facebook either Twitter nor receive questions on Formspring..haha..

why I'm using English on this entry..
well, I just want to improve my English..
and because I have nothing to do..haha..
yes, I know.. I'm sucks at it..
if any of you who read this entry..
see an error or many error <----- should I say like this?
correct me, will you..?
I really appreciate it.. thank you..

ohh, yeah..
just want to story about what I'm doing..
since 11.30p.m up until now 2.39 in the morning..aha
well, I'm watching Matluthfi(is this how it spell?) and Anwar Hadi videos
on Youtube (YT, Anwar Hadi said it like that)^^
watching all of their vidoes..1st to the latest..haha..
sure my broadband will exceed the bandwith..T__T

after watching or while watching their video for more accurate..
feels like, I want to make a video of myself..haha..
but, when I re-think about that..
nahhh.. I will be ended up joke of the year?hahhaa..
well, maybe in the future..still thinking..
what video should I make..
forgot to mention.. Aiman Azlan..
also a good...what should I call it.. Youtubers?
I'm just envy them..
they're good in front of the camera..

speak a fluent English..with the correct pronunciation..
and..and.. they studying at the overseas...arghhhh...

Anwar Hadi------->

oh, man..just jealous to them..
I wish, I could have a chance to go to overseas..
to see, new places, new people, new culture..
so, many thing to explore..
and for sure, we will learn something new..
that is the most important part..
alright that's all I think for now..

Salam... ^^

P.S.___: seriously thinking about making a video...hmmmm


tieykah said...

Matluthfi tu besh la.:)

echaRierie said...

haha..mau jd glamer ka izzar..
why dont u try..something yg ada point la..haha..

eh eh..folo la me at twitter bha..

Amiirah-Cassan said...

haha both my fave vlogger , kekeke try tengok aimanazman90 , dia pun best and funny , best part more islamic , hehe

P/S:your blog is in my list (i love reading these) hehe

meaw said...

mat lutfhi the best auwww! suka gila dia :D

Mohd Izzar said...

@tieykah : ya..dy best..anwar hadi pon best jgk apa..tau la matluthfi iras2 org korea kn?hehe^^

@eichaRierie : bukan mo jd cm dorg sak..ada benda mo d, len kali la..hehe^^

@amiirahCassan : owhh..sda jgk tgk tu..dy pon best jgk..aku slh nmany ingat aiman azlan..haha

@meaw : anwar hadi pon best..tgk la jgk..hehe^^

Syuxer said...

err saya faham cikit2 je bahasa inggeris neh..:)..tapi xpe..i try i try k..:)

Mohd Izzar said...

yake? xpe2...bole di improve lagi tu..klu nak belajar..heheh^^

noona said...

both of them is my fav ..
ilop them verry much heheh

Mohd Izzar said...

jangan lop jew..fahamkan apa yg dorg nk smpai kn tu..hehe

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