Saturday, July 2, 2011

Frequently Asked (Silly)Question.

1. When people see you lying down, with your eyes closed they still ask:- 
Q: Are you sleeping?
A: No, I'm training to die!! =.="

2. When It's raining and someone notices you going out, they ask: - 
Q: Are you going out in this rain? 
A: No,in the next one.

3. Your friend calls your home phone:- 
Q: Where are you? 
A: At the bus stop!:D 

4. They see you wet coming from the bathroom:- 
Q: Did you just have a bath? 
A: No, I fell in the toilet bowl!

5. You are standing right in front of the elevator on the ground floor and they ask:- 
Q: Going up? 
A: No, no, I am waiting for my apartment to come down and get me.

6. Your partner comes to your house with a bunch of flowers. And you still ask:- 
Q: Are those Flowers? 
A: No baby! They r Carrots. =D 

7. You're in the toilet when someone knocks on the door asking: - 
Q: Is anyone in there? 
A: No! The SHIT is talking to you!

8. You're on the queue to buy tickets @ the cinema, a friend saw u & ask:- 
Q: what are u doing here? 
A: I'm here for my yoga class

9. You're inside the cinema, and after a dramatic scene, someone asks: - 
Q: Did U see that??! 
A: No, I'm in here to check out the seating...


Amiirah-Cassan said...

aku tambah zar;
Izzar, ko buat entry baru? zzzzz

Mohd Izzar said...

apa yg ko mo tmbah ney?
ini jak la entry baru ku..

echaRierie said...

hahaha..bikin panas kan kalau sdh dnmpk apa kita buat tp di tanya lg..

Mohd Izzar said...

paling bikin panas..hahhaah~

cik aisha said...

taw la bengang tp jwpn xley blah...adoyai...

syarifahsidrus said...

haha. tu nak beramah mesra tu :)

amir aizat said...

jawapan semua sentap!

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